Xinhua Shanghai November 10 (Reporter Li Rong ) domestic steel prices rose slightly for the second consecutive week , construction steel is particularly ” eye-catching .” However, if there is no demand later, price will return to consolidation pattern .

According to the well-known steel information organizations “My iron and steel” to the latest market report , last week , the domestic integrated steel price index edged up 0.98 percent . This is the second consecutive week of gains in steel prices . Pressure is not too much around the steel stocks , some part of the steel market had not improved specifications shortage phenomenon , coupled with billets, iron ore and other raw materials prices also rose slightly , thereby steel spot market prices are still up, week or expanded construction steel is particularly ” eye-catching .” But most worried about is the market demand for the release on the amount of difficult matches .

According to analysis, the sheet market, the overall price is still rising . Plate prices Xianyanghouyi , indicating weak overall pattern has not changed , Shanghai , Guangzhou, and other markets are still 10-90 yuan per ton, the weekly decline . Those reflected in the market , weekly temporary rise, prices immediately fell, ” quotations , businesses shipments becomes difficult ,” which have a certain confidence in the merchant blow . Hot rolled coil market rebound, Shanghai , Guangzhou, Hefei and other markets 10-80 yuan per ton, the weekly gain . Problem also lies in the demand side : Downstream demand procurement , the market traded more general. In the ” high-yield , low demand,” in the context of the business for the afternoon mentality tends to be cautious.

In the construction steel market, the overall price of one week rose 1.3 percent. Shanghai , Guangzhou, Beijing and other leading markets as well as most of the country t price weekly gain mostly concentrated in the 10 to 150 yuan between . Prices, the market acceptance in general. Market who said that after a long period of weak run , the market rebound in demand . “But the reality is difficult to effectively deal with , which is really a frustrating thing .”