Hot Rolled and Pickled Steel Sheet is made from high quality hot rolled steel sheets, after pickling removes oxides, trimming, and finishing, the surface quality and usage requirements (primarily cold forming or stamping performance) are between hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled plate, is part of ideal alternative products of hot rolled sheet and cold rolled plate.

Product Specifications:

  1. Reducing costs – can take instead of cold rolled steel plate.
  2. Good surface quality — compared with hot rolled plate, hot rolled pickling sheet removes surfacescale and improves the surface quality of steel for welding, oiling and paint.
  3. High dimensional accuracy — after leveling, can reduce roughness deviations.
  4. Improving surface finish — better appearance.

Technical data :

Quality Grade Thickness (mm) Width (mm)
Cold Forming SPHC, SPHD, SPHE, DD11,DD12,DD13 1.5-6.0 700-1650
Structural Steel SS330, SPHT2 1.8-6.0 700-1650
SPHT1 1.5-6.0 700-1650
SS400, St37-2, ST37-3, St44-2, St52-3 1.5-6.0 700-1650
SM400C 2.3-6.0 700-1650
StE255, StE285, StE355, StE420 2.0-6.0 700-1650

Process and Facility


  • Automotive industry: car chassis system, including girders, secondary beams; Wheels, including rims, rounds of radiation. CAB panels; Carriage plate, mainly the floor of the truck; Other stampings, including crashworthy bumpers and other automotive interior small parts.
  • Mechanical industry: including textile machinery, mining machinery, fans and general machinery.
  • Appliances: mainly used in the manufacture of compressor shell, brackets, tank, and so on.
  • Other bicycle parts, welding, electrical cabinets, highway guardrails, supermarket shelves, storageshelves, fences, staircase, as well as a variety of stampings of shapes.